So, we finally met the mayor; a halfling that goes by the name of Elyl Shona, despite her age she seems very well endowed, figures, considering her position. We even managed to uncover detailed information regarding the kobold attack. Ekam, the guard captain, mentioned that he suspects somebody is trying to insinuate a war between the people of Jolton and the barbarians up north, who they are trying to form an alliance with. From what what I understand, the attack at the gates was no accident. Ekam mentioned that prior to the attack, the guards manning the gates was killed, and the murder weapon was that of a dagger, and kobolds don’t usually use daggers. Not to mention, the guards were stabbed on the back, literally. And all of this occurred during the harvest festival too, talk about timing.

With all of that said, Elyl asked us for our help in gathering information and solving this issue. We agreed, quite willingly if I might add. Then we met another female monk by the name of Sister Serka, and she was fine looking. I wouldn’t mind her replacing Kim Lau and showing some of her moves to me, heh. Apparently Serka and her order are here to mediate the entire conflict between Jolton and the barbarians since they have a strong political background with the barbarians, if you can even call what they have “political”, pfft.

After a lengthy talk, we set off to explore the town and gather whatever information we could. We split up, with the bulk of the party going to the armory and selling off our loot. The owner was a cheerful and cheeky dwarf called Flint, and we sold our loot for a considerable amount of gold.

Soon after, we split up again, with me and Irgar checking out the town square. Looks like the harvest festival is back in full swing. I checked out the wares the town had to offer then I saw Irgar with a confused look on his face. I approached him and asked what was wrong, and he looked at me and nervously chuckled “I lost my dagger”. Well, that was brilliant, let’s go over the tavern and grab a cold one then eh? WHAT. We frantically searched around for anybody that might have taken the dagger, but to no avail as evening dawns and the mayor gave the opening speech for the harvest festival. However, during the speech, we spotted a suspicious looking character who went towards the direction of the town’s well. Irgar followed the person and caught a glimpse of him/her placing some sort of concoction into the well. As we gave chase, Irgar asked Quanta to check the well, along with Irgar. We missed the assailant, whoever he might be, and stumbled upon the group of monks from Sister Serka’s order. We asked them about the assailant, but they denied having even seen anybody at all aside ourselves.

We continued on until we reached a seemingly ominous house, and we reckon the culprit is in there. I drew my bow and barged into the house. To our horror, we saw a body bathed in a pool of crimson blood, illuminated by moonlight. Cliche. I sweep the area clean as Ryotine checked the body and turned it over since it was faced down to begin with. Not long after, the guards arrived along with Quanta and Irgar. Ekam approached the body and mentioned that the body belongs to the alliance negotiator representing the barbarians side. And worst of all, the dagger sticking out of her has a blue gem at it’s hilt, exactly like Irgar’s. Oh boy. To top it all off, the leader of the barbarians, Sollek, was at the scene, and he raged at the sight of the dead body.

He demanded justice and cause quite a commotion, rowdy barbarians, typical of them. And perhaps the only time Kim Lau ever said anything during the entire journey, he said “calm your tits” to Sollek. What does that even mean??? But before I could finish my thought, Sollek wielded his greataxe and slashed Kim’s chest; it looked pretty damn painful.

I tried stopping the fight, and to avoid anymore bloodshed, we allowed ourselves to be arrested and put on trial, despite us knowing damn well we had nothing to do with the death of the negotiator.

In the prison cell, we talked at great length about our current predicament, until Ekam came along with a priestess, whose eyes glowed blue as she looked at us from outside the jail cell and she said “yup, they don’t seem evil”. Ekam then proceeded to interrogate us. Despite efforts to clear our name, it looks like we might not be able to get out of this unscathed.

Further into the night, we woke up to a whisper from outside our cell. It was the priestess, who goes by the name of Jinna. She said she believe we are innocent, and offered to help us escape. She unlocked our cell using a key she stole from a sleeping guard and Quanta, being quick-witted enough despite his age, corroded the lock so that it seemed like we broke out of there. We thanked Jinna after she asked us to clear our names as soon as we are safe.

Before we leave, we decided to cause a commotion to delay any would be pursuers. we then rushed to the gate, and took out the guards using Quanta’s sleep spell, which seemed to work perfectly. Guess he’s getting even more useful as time goes on, heh. Ryotine and Irgar jumped down from the battlement, whereas the rest us decided to ignore that plan and just open the gate. A moment later we were outside the walls of Jolton. Ironic, we came as adventures, and left as fugitives. I wonder if we will ever come back?

Regardless, whoever did this, I’ll make sure they pay for crossing us.



Oh Gods the smell of this beast is just irresistible. I mean, tomato and meat, that’s lunch if you ask me. I guess the smell oozing from the monster was a tad overwhelming though, because I missed practically every shot I took. Irgar was pretty darn good, he did the majority of the damage on that walking lump of delicious goodness. Kim was a good cannon fodder too; he distracted the beast enough so that we can land blows on him, though like I’ve said, I missed quite a lot. Ryotine was no help at all after the golem exhaled some sort of sickening odor from his mouth, but her dog, Drake, was surprisingly useful. Drake attacked the golem and injured it so much to the point it started gushing out hot, but delicious, juice all over me, Kim, and himself. Though, guess he wasn’t smart enough to back off when he got bashed by the golem the first few times; he ended up being unconscious. Rohan, being his usual introvert self, stayed behind, but at one point he just ran practically in front of the golem just so he could heal Quanta, that’s dedication from our cleric, I’ll tell you that. Speaking of Quanta, as usual, he tried to help but failed to no avail. He casted a “sleep” spell on a magical constructed being, in hindsight he should’ve understood the implications. I just buried my face in my palms.

After taking down what seemed to be the hardest lunch I ever had to hunt (at least, as far as I could remember), me, Ryotine, and… hmm… who was the other guy… Pah! No point remembering who ate what. Oh, anyways, we just chowed down on the remains of the golem. Quanta tried to check the meat for poison, AFTER we consumed them. He came to the conclusion it wasn’t poisonous. Gee, thank you Mr. Obvious, I wonder what would happen to us if we hadn’t known that.

As we finished the last of the meal, the owner of the house came down and looked at us with a puzzled look on his face; Must be wondering why we were consuming the remains of the golem. He thanked us for helping out and asked us to wait at the living room while he cleaned the mess. I tried inquiring as to why he and his wife decided to conjure up such a dangerous being, and he just shrugged and told me that they did it because they could. Brilliance.

As we entered the living room, everybody except me and Irgar went to sleep. Gods, they just woke up a few hours ago. As I tried to relax while the man is cleaning up downstairs, I noticed footsteps approaching the front lawn of the house, so I went out to check. It was decently looking woman considering her age, and she was wielding a staff. He asked me who I was, and what I was doing in her house. I explained the situation to her; everything, up till the point we killed the golem. She seemed suspicious at first, because I didn’t know her husband’s name. I cringed at my stupidity and failure at basic social conduct and noted to myself to be a tad formal next time. She also seemed terrified when she finally noticed the corpse of the disgusting dead fat guy on her lawn and asked me what happened. Again, I tried explaining to her and she seemed confused as to what is happening and muttered something about “devils”.

I can tell Irgar was eavesdropping on our entire conversation, guess the rogue isn’t as stealthy as he think he is, heh. I found out that her name is Andolyn and her husband’s is Gendrew. As we came to an agreement and she gave us a chest filled with potions, we sat down for dinner and Irgar joined us. During the course of the meal, I managed to find out that we are in a continent called Calorhn, and that Jolton was practically at our doorstep and that it has been suffering from a barbarian problem for quite awhile now. We also got our bearings sorted out, we know for sure that due east is a mountainous region called the Dragon’s Teeth, suggestive name. Due west lies a vast desert known only as the Ark Dunes; could be where the beautiful red-haired mage said her order was located. I also explained our current predicament which involves us having no prior memory to what happened before the crater explosion.

As we finished dinner, the rest of the party woke up, and like a pack of wild dogs they went for the leftovers. Ah well. I asked Andolyn whether we could stay the night, considering our condition. She agreed, though quite reluctantly, and we finally got some shut eye, well, me at least.

After a good night’s rest, we thanked Andolyn and Gendrew for their hospitality and proceed towards Jolton. As we entered what seemed to be the outskirts of a town, we heard screaming coming from the general vicinity of where Jolton was supposed to be, well, it was actually Ryotine who heard it. We hasten our speed and went towards the direction of the sound being led by Ryotine. We then saw a wooden bastion under siege by the same type of creatures that attacked us in the forest, only this time they brought an army. We could clearly see the creatures were engaged in combat with humans, presumably from the town. Without hesitating, Irgar lashed out his crossbow and attacked one of those creatures who had their back turned to us. He missed. I tried rectifying his mistakes, but I too missed. I was pissed enough at it was, so I cursed Shevaresh under my breath and I heard a thunder crack somewhere in the distance. I’m sorry Shevaresh, it was an impulse statement. The battle ensued for quite awhile, with the highlight probably being Ryotine entangling herself along with some of those creatures and the fact that our wizard is more proficient in a crossbow than he is with his spells.

I tried reasoning with those creatures by forcing them to surrender in exchange for their lives, but they wanted a massacre, so a massacre I gave them. A guard approached us saying that he needed help to close the door, and as I gave orders to my party members, me and Quanta approached the right mechanism room and found two of those creatures obviously meddling with the gate mechanism. Quanta cast a sleep spell on both of them while avoiding me, and I decided that warrant a wide grin from me. Before I finished them off, I muttered “May Shevaresh show you the mercy I couldn’t” and proceeded to end their lives. Thanks to Irgar and Rohan who was occupying the other side of the gate, we freed a loose stone wedging the gate mechanism, and the remainders of the attackers fled.

One of the guards approached us and thanked us for our help, I assumed he is a captain or leader of some sorts. Based on what I understood from the Guard’s Captain, these creatures also known as Kobolds might be the barbarians that Andolyn talked about over dinner last night. Speaking of Andolyn, apparently she is one of the strongest mage in the region! How about that? We then proceeded to enter into Jolton. We could see turned tables and broken pots and glasses all over, obviously the chaos stopped whatever it is the villagers were doing.

We were quite weary after the battle and from our travels, so we decided to stop at the nearest inn first. “Inn Of The Rose”, quaint name. We set up our lodgings and then proceeded to the town hall. In front of the hall, we saw 3 circular rings stuck in the ground, and electric bolts were jumping from one to another occasionally. Wow, that’s impressive. Moving along, we found a painting of a man in the town hall; pretty darn huge, though it was all smudgy. Abstract painting perhaps? The man in the painting looks like the mayor of the town, and there’s a “R” initial written on the plaque, along with a poem:

A dragon on his skin, and always dragons on his mind.

Left with travellers one day and disappeared forever.

“A mistake we made, with evil we aligned.”

Thus said, he set out to right both our wrongs.

That was a bit… vague, but no matter. Though, come to think of it, the man in the painting looked surprisingly similar to Rohan. Just as I thought that, Rohan seemed to be in a daze for a minute, then he lift up his sleeve and we saw a dragon tattoo on his arm. Wow, “Dragon on his skin”, what are the odds? He then just walked out of the hall, almost seemed traumatized, huh, wonder what’s up with him?

Forest Confusion

After following that sexy red-haired woman’s advice, we headed west towards a forest. After awkwardly breaking the silence, I managed to get a hold of each of my “party members” name. Apparently the halfling’s name is Ryotine, she seems to be a tad immatured and care-free, though she proved herself useful in combat, no matter. The rogue Elf name is Irgar, he seems quiet, though he certainly doesn’t lack in the charisma department; he can clearly woo any girls he want to. As for the wizard, his name is Quanta, and damn, is he old. I am still baffled how the old bugger managed to last this long. The human cleric’s name is Rohan, and boy is he anti-social; not only he curse often, he seems to keep to himself whenever he is not cursing! The human monk on the hand goes by the name of Kim. Somehow he seems different from us, in such a way he almost seem foreign. Quiet chap.

As we walked under the forest canopy, I heard rustling from the bushes behind us as we were heading west. I instinctively drew my bow and aimed at the bushes; next thing I knew a dog/pig humanoid just popped out from the shrubberies. Then popped out two more, all 3 having spears and equipped with armor. They seemed aggressive enough, coupled with the fact they are growling.

My instinct got the better of my thoughts, and I just unleash my arrow upon one of those things. It seemed badly hurt enough, and finally it died; I drew first blood as usual. As Ryotine positioned herself for battle, a few more of those beings appeared from practically all directions, this time in a well-organized fashion; they seem to be lead by a hierarchy, and what seemed to be their leader just spoke in a tongue I am familiar with, he said “kill those murderers who destroyed our mines!”

Mines? Murderers? What in Shevaresh’s name is this thing saying? I tried asking him what he actually meant, but I guess killing one of them didn’t exactly help out with diplomacy, no matter. In a blink of an eye, we killed practically every one of them, and attempted to give chase to the stragglers.

Logic finally took grasp of me, I attempted to decipher what the creature meant by us attacking his people. But all that sodding bastard gave was a growl and sneer. Boy was that droking bastard quick, even the rogue couldn’t catch up.

Rohan and Kim decided to chill the drok out while the rest of us were too busy playing catch the ugly-dog-pig-bastard. Out of breath, we decided to head back and check the body of those creatures. We found some gold, silver, armor, and even a short spear that seems pretty well crafted. What caught our eyes was a sling though, it had some sort of magical property and was blue in color. Ryotine, under Quanta’s advice, tried to align her own sling with the blue sling. There was a resonating sound as both the sling came closer into contact; I thought it was my stomach. As the two slings come into physical contact, I heard a shattering boom, and the grass around Ryotine’s feet were flat. Holy shit.

The blue sling crumpled into oblivion, and we tried to appraise Ryotine’s sling. It seemed to have obtained the same magical property from that blue sling; whatever the property may be. After all that chaos, we journeyed onward to Jolton.

As night stalked us, we set up camp and I volunteered to be first watch. Ryotine climbed the nearest tree she can find and plopped her head to sleep, that lazy girl. Quanta and Irgar seemed to be in some sort of trance, while Mr. Anti-Social, Rohan, just scampered quite a distance away from camp, and did Gods know what. Kim offered to be 2nd watch, and thus my first night as sentry begins.

The first hour went by in a breeze, quite literally, due to the windy night. I then heard a sound, a rustle, around the bushes in due south of my position. I drew my bow, and I tried hailing whatever might be beyond the bush. No answer. To my surprise, a corpse crawled out of the bush, the very same one that we encountered back in the crater. Good Gods, it must’ve heard the blast from earlier afternoon and pursued us! How many more are there? Since it was slow, I tried to test it’s intelligence, and found out it was almost as dumb as a tree stump. At least a tree stump would know better than to attack people. I then shouted at my party to wake up, but it seemed to only woke up Kim and Irgar, while that old bastard Quanta just twitched his ear and ignored me. I’m sure he heard me. Without hesitating, I shot my bow… and I missed. Thanks Shevaresh, that sure was helpful. I then heard another sound coming from the general vicinity of the zombie. It growled, and I thought to myself “oh Gods, what now?”. A white blur just streaked in front of my eyes and pounced on the corpse. It was a dog, quite a large one at that, and on top of it was a black cat. A cat sitting on a dog, whata sight. The monster immediately died, it must have been terribly weakened.

Ryotine then woke up upon hearing the dog barking, and she shouted “Drake!”. They seem to bond pretty well, the only logical explanation is they were companions. Looks like her memory of that mutt isn’t loss yet, I wish I had my memory back.. Somehow I feel that there’s something very important I that I needed to do… Bah. Quanta on the other hand, being the senile old droker he is, kept his focus while the cat purred and rubbed itself all over him. That cold heartless elf, stroke the cat at least, jeez. Ah, I don’t care. I am too tired to give a droking damn about anything anymore, it’s Kim’s turn to be on watch now, looks like I finally can get some shut eye.

I woke up the following morning to the sound of the forest waking up; birds were chirping and the sunlight was bathing the forest floor. I thought of shooting down a bird for breakfast, but I sensed an overwhelming aura of threat from Ryotine’s direction, I didn’t want to die so soon, so I kept my bow and just left my stomach to growl.

We made haste to Jolton, and slightly past noon, we broke free from the forest, and we could see signs of deforestation all around us. Price of development I suppose. We walked until we reached what seemed like the outskirts of a farm. We saw a house along the way, and I decided to ask for information and perhaps some other form of help. We tried knocking at first, and then we tried breaking in, but we failed miserably. Ryotine wanted to climb the roof, I didn’t really bother thinking about it. We then left the house and pushed onward.

We then came by a house with a grove of maple trees, it was a very beautiful sight. I again attempted to knock on the door, but before I could do so, a hideous creature appeared; it’s flesh were the exact definition of rot, and maggots were crawling into and out of every part of his body, and to make things worst, it is about the same size as Ryotine. A disgusting midget, great. I tried talking to it but it clearly seemed aggressive, So we just unleashed oblivion upon him. He died quickly enough, and his body exploded then disintegrated into the ground. Yuck.

We went into the house, and the lower floor seemed perfectly normal, Ryotine, Kim, and Irgar went upstairs. Rohan attempted to steal some of the silverware from the kitchen, and I just left him to his devices, since it’s not harming anybody. Thank the Gods both Kim and Ryotine weren’t in there, or else it’d take quite awhile for the moral debate to end. I then heard Ryotine shouting from the second floor and I rushed to help. When I reached the second floor, along with Quanta, I saw a small devil like creature flying out of the window, and I saw Ryotine’s scratched face. Awww, what a waste of a pretty face. I found Kim in the bathroom, and he seemed to have seen Death himself. I then diverted my attention to the rest of the room. It was a bedroom, and on top of the bed was a man covered in wounds and what seemed to be… Ketchup? Huh… Either way, Rohan healed the man quickly enough and we asked him what happened. He explained that the small creature must have been somebody’s mischief, so we just left it at that. He then asked us to help out with a little problem he is facing.

He mentioned something about a berserk tomato golem down in his basement… A tomato golem. Really? Sigh, my day cannot get anymore weirder. He wanted us to help him get rid of it, and we agreed too; since there was bounty at the end of the mission. Ryotine and Kim didn’t seem too keen at us demanding for a reward after dispatching the golem. So we proceeded down to the basement, where the owner told us not to touch the stove in the kitchen and the stuff in the living room, and faced the golem. I went ahead first, and the basement was too dark to make anything out. As I went deeper, I saw it, a pretty droking tall golem that smells as good as it looks. Heh, thanks for the meal.

A Glimmer

Shevarash be damned, my head feels as if a dragon itself split it in half. To make things worst, I can’t seem to recall anything. I’ve established that my name is Faeron at the very least, and that my last name is Von Holtzmann. Holtzmann… It sounds very familiar, is it the name of my family? Holtzmann… Huntsman… Heh, guess that is why I felt at ease with the longbow. Speaking of longbows, how in the Ten Moons did I know how to shoot a bow? I clearly don’t remember training for it, yet it seems almost… second nature. As if the bow is part of me. And what is up with the blue gem at the sight? It’s all shiny and stuff.. Wonder if it is worth a lot of money. Speaking of shiny objects, what is this pendant hanging from my neck? A circle with an orb in the middle? There’s an engraving at the inner part of the circle in some squiggly letters, but I can read it: “Let the Light of Valkyria guide you. -M”. Valkyria? M? My head hurts just thinking about it. The craftsmanship is pretty good though, and oddly enough.. I felt an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and sadness when I looked at it.

Perhaps what eclipsed the entire thing isn’t any of that, but the fact that I am in the middle of a freaking crater! Good Gods, IS THIS NORMAL? Not to mention I woke up practically next to a halfling! Albeit… an attractive halfling even for human and elf standards… no. NO. She’s still a stranger! To top that off, there are 4 other people around me. FOUR. I hope it was a wild party or orgy for that matter, because I am very confused.  The halfling seemed almost as dazed as I was when I asked her what was going on. Figures. And the other 4 guys don’t exactly look like wizards themselves. Oh wait, one actually is. They all seem to have loss their memory too; some form of amnesia perhaps? That must be one heck of a hangover.

As if the Gods haven’t laughed their bums off yet, corpses suddenly rose up and attacked us! They smelled like barbecued meat, but I am not touching that shit. It seemed like I was the only one that had any common sense though, because instead of defending ourselves like what we SHOULD have done, the halfling and what seemed to be a foul-mouthed human pagan cleric just exchanged insults. WHAT. The practically naked human monk seemed a tad brighter though, as he readied himself to fight, though I question his choice of attire.. Not too practical, no… The elven rogue was quick on his feet too, considering his height. The wizard, well what should I say? That old fool spent half of the battle inspecting his sodding crossbow, as if it was rigged to explode or something, and he wasn’t all that great in battle too; none of them are. Though, I myself accidentally made a blunder or two here and there.. and the cleric could pass off as a prophet with his constant chanting of “The power of PahBeeBee compels you! Repent! REPENT!” Pfft, PahBeeBee, what God could possibly come up with that name? It almost sounds like pee pee hahahaha!

To add to all our confusion, a bunch of mages suddenly popped out of nowhere and started unleashing hellfire all around the crater. A firebolt barely missed me, or else I would’ve been incinerated, yeowch. But they did save our lives, and for that I was grateful. A red-haired lady, and might I add, a VERY sexy and beautiful lady, approached us and asked us what we were doing there. We were there playing catch the gnome. That’s it. Too bad her brain isn’t as breathtaking as her beauty. But we managed to established that they were from a organization or something called The Blooded Circle. Ominous. They were there trying to find the cause of an explosion apparently; an explosion that created the crater. Anyboo, She directed us westwards to a town called Jolton. She said we might find the answers we need there. With that, what might possibly be the weirdest party in existence set off to find our identity.

… I just realised… We don’t know even know each other’s name… This is going to be just great…