A Glimmer

Shevarash be damned, my head feels as if a dragon itself split it in half. To make things worst, I can’t seem to recall anything. I’ve established that my name is Faeron at the very least, and that my last name is Von Holtzmann. Holtzmann… It sounds very familiar, is it the name of my family? Holtzmann… Huntsman… Heh, guess that is why I felt at ease with the longbow. Speaking of longbows, how in the Ten Moons did I know how to shoot a bow? I clearly don’t remember training for it, yet it seems almost… second nature. As if the bow is part of me. And what is up with the blue gem at the sight? It’s all shiny and stuff.. Wonder if it is worth a lot of money. Speaking of shiny objects, what is this pendant hanging from my neck? A circle with an orb in the middle? There’s an engraving at the inner part of the circle in some squiggly letters, but I can read it: “Let the Light of Valkyria guide you. -M”. Valkyria? M? My head hurts just thinking about it. The craftsmanship is pretty good though, and oddly enough.. I felt an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and sadness when I looked at it.

Perhaps what eclipsed the entire thing isn’t any of that, but the fact that I am in the middle of a freaking crater! Good Gods, IS THIS NORMAL? Not to mention I woke up practically next to a halfling! Albeit… an attractive halfling even for human and elf standards… no. NO. She’s still a stranger! To top that off, there are 4 other people around me. FOUR. I hope it was a wild party or orgy for that matter, because I am very confused.  The halfling seemed almost as dazed as I was when I asked her what was going on. Figures. And the other 4 guys don’t exactly look like wizards themselves. Oh wait, one actually is. They all seem to have loss their memory too; some form of amnesia perhaps? That must be one heck of a hangover.

As if the Gods haven’t laughed their bums off yet, corpses suddenly rose up and attacked us! They smelled like barbecued meat, but I am not touching that shit. It seemed like I was the only one that had any common sense though, because instead of defending ourselves like what we SHOULD have done, the halfling and what seemed to be a foul-mouthed human pagan cleric just exchanged insults. WHAT. The practically naked human monk seemed a tad brighter though, as he readied himself to fight, though I question his choice of attire.. Not too practical, no… The elven rogue was quick on his feet too, considering his height. The wizard, well what should I say? That old fool spent half of the battle inspecting his sodding crossbow, as if it was rigged to explode or something, and he wasn’t all that great in battle too; none of them are. Though, I myself accidentally made a blunder or two here and there.. and the cleric could pass off as a prophet with his constant chanting of “The power of PahBeeBee compels you! Repent! REPENT!” Pfft, PahBeeBee, what God could possibly come up with that name? It almost sounds like pee pee hahahaha!

To add to all our confusion, a bunch of mages suddenly popped out of nowhere and started unleashing hellfire all around the crater. A firebolt barely missed me, or else I would’ve been incinerated, yeowch. But they did save our lives, and for that I was grateful. A red-haired lady, and might I add, a VERY sexy and beautiful lady, approached us and asked us what we were doing there. We were there playing catch the gnome. That’s it. Too bad her brain isn’t as breathtaking as her beauty. But we managed to established that they were from a organization or something called The Blooded Circle. Ominous. They were there trying to find the cause of an explosion apparently; an explosion that created the crater. Anyboo, She directed us westwards to a town called Jolton. She said we might find the answers we need there. With that, what might possibly be the weirdest party in existence set off to find our identity.

… I just realised… We don’t know even know each other’s name… This is going to be just great…


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