Forest Confusion

After following that sexy red-haired woman’s advice, we headed west towards a forest. After awkwardly breaking the silence, I managed to get a hold of each of my “party members” name. Apparently the halfling’s name is Ryotine, she seems to be a tad immatured and care-free, though she proved herself useful in combat, no matter. The rogue Elf name is Irgar, he seems quiet, though he certainly doesn’t lack in the charisma department; he can clearly woo any girls he want to. As for the wizard, his name is Quanta, and damn, is he old. I am still baffled how the old bugger managed to last this long. The human cleric’s name is Rohan, and boy is he anti-social; not only he curse often, he seems to keep to himself whenever he is not cursing! The human monk on the hand goes by the name of Kim. Somehow he seems different from us, in such a way he almost seem foreign. Quiet chap.

As we walked under the forest canopy, I heard rustling from the bushes behind us as we were heading west. I instinctively drew my bow and aimed at the bushes; next thing I knew a dog/pig humanoid just popped out from the shrubberies. Then popped out two more, all 3 having spears and equipped with armor. They seemed aggressive enough, coupled with the fact they are growling.

My instinct got the better of my thoughts, and I just unleash my arrow upon one of those things. It seemed badly hurt enough, and finally it died; I drew first blood as usual. As Ryotine positioned herself for battle, a few more of those beings appeared from practically all directions, this time in a well-organized fashion; they seem to be lead by a hierarchy, and what seemed to be their leader just spoke in a tongue I am familiar with, he said “kill those murderers who destroyed our mines!”

Mines? Murderers? What in Shevaresh’s name is this thing saying? I tried asking him what he actually meant, but I guess killing one of them didn’t exactly help out with diplomacy, no matter. In a blink of an eye, we killed practically every one of them, and attempted to give chase to the stragglers.

Logic finally took grasp of me, I attempted to decipher what the creature meant by us attacking his people. But all that sodding bastard gave was a growl and sneer. Boy was that droking bastard quick, even the rogue couldn’t catch up.

Rohan and Kim decided to chill the drok out while the rest of us were too busy playing catch the ugly-dog-pig-bastard. Out of breath, we decided to head back and check the body of those creatures. We found some gold, silver, armor, and even a short spear that seems pretty well crafted. What caught our eyes was a sling though, it had some sort of magical property and was blue in color. Ryotine, under Quanta’s advice, tried to align her own sling with the blue sling. There was a resonating sound as both the sling came closer into contact; I thought it was my stomach. As the two slings come into physical contact, I heard a shattering boom, and the grass around Ryotine’s feet were flat. Holy shit.

The blue sling crumpled into oblivion, and we tried to appraise Ryotine’s sling. It seemed to have obtained the same magical property from that blue sling; whatever the property may be. After all that chaos, we journeyed onward to Jolton.

As night stalked us, we set up camp and I volunteered to be first watch. Ryotine climbed the nearest tree she can find and plopped her head to sleep, that lazy girl. Quanta and Irgar seemed to be in some sort of trance, while Mr. Anti-Social, Rohan, just scampered quite a distance away from camp, and did Gods know what. Kim offered to be 2nd watch, and thus my first night as sentry begins.

The first hour went by in a breeze, quite literally, due to the windy night. I then heard a sound, a rustle, around the bushes in due south of my position. I drew my bow, and I tried hailing whatever might be beyond the bush. No answer. To my surprise, a corpse crawled out of the bush, the very same one that we encountered back in the crater. Good Gods, it must’ve heard the blast from earlier afternoon and pursued us! How many more are there? Since it was slow, I tried to test it’s intelligence, and found out it was almost as dumb as a tree stump. At least a tree stump would know better than to attack people. I then shouted at my party to wake up, but it seemed to only woke up Kim and Irgar, while that old bastard Quanta just twitched his ear and ignored me. I’m sure he heard me. Without hesitating, I shot my bow… and I missed. Thanks Shevaresh, that sure was helpful. I then heard another sound coming from the general vicinity of the zombie. It growled, and I thought to myself “oh Gods, what now?”. A white blur just streaked in front of my eyes and pounced on the corpse. It was a dog, quite a large one at that, and on top of it was a black cat. A cat sitting on a dog, whata sight. The monster immediately died, it must have been terribly weakened.

Ryotine then woke up upon hearing the dog barking, and she shouted “Drake!”. They seem to bond pretty well, the only logical explanation is they were companions. Looks like her memory of that mutt isn’t loss yet, I wish I had my memory back.. Somehow I feel that there’s something very important I that I needed to do… Bah. Quanta on the other hand, being the senile old droker he is, kept his focus while the cat purred and rubbed itself all over him. That cold heartless elf, stroke the cat at least, jeez. Ah, I don’t care. I am too tired to give a droking damn about anything anymore, it’s Kim’s turn to be on watch now, looks like I finally can get some shut eye.

I woke up the following morning to the sound of the forest waking up; birds were chirping and the sunlight was bathing the forest floor. I thought of shooting down a bird for breakfast, but I sensed an overwhelming aura of threat from Ryotine’s direction, I didn’t want to die so soon, so I kept my bow and just left my stomach to growl.

We made haste to Jolton, and slightly past noon, we broke free from the forest, and we could see signs of deforestation all around us. Price of development I suppose. We walked until we reached what seemed like the outskirts of a farm. We saw a house along the way, and I decided to ask for information and perhaps some other form of help. We tried knocking at first, and then we tried breaking in, but we failed miserably. Ryotine wanted to climb the roof, I didn’t really bother thinking about it. We then left the house and pushed onward.

We then came by a house with a grove of maple trees, it was a very beautiful sight. I again attempted to knock on the door, but before I could do so, a hideous creature appeared; it’s flesh were the exact definition of rot, and maggots were crawling into and out of every part of his body, and to make things worst, it is about the same size as Ryotine. A disgusting midget, great. I tried talking to it but it clearly seemed aggressive, So we just unleashed oblivion upon him. He died quickly enough, and his body exploded then disintegrated into the ground. Yuck.

We went into the house, and the lower floor seemed perfectly normal, Ryotine, Kim, and Irgar went upstairs. Rohan attempted to steal some of the silverware from the kitchen, and I just left him to his devices, since it’s not harming anybody. Thank the Gods both Kim and Ryotine weren’t in there, or else it’d take quite awhile for the moral debate to end. I then heard Ryotine shouting from the second floor and I rushed to help. When I reached the second floor, along with Quanta, I saw a small devil like creature flying out of the window, and I saw Ryotine’s scratched face. Awww, what a waste of a pretty face. I found Kim in the bathroom, and he seemed to have seen Death himself. I then diverted my attention to the rest of the room. It was a bedroom, and on top of the bed was a man covered in wounds and what seemed to be… Ketchup? Huh… Either way, Rohan healed the man quickly enough and we asked him what happened. He explained that the small creature must have been somebody’s mischief, so we just left it at that. He then asked us to help out with a little problem he is facing.

He mentioned something about a berserk tomato golem down in his basement… A tomato golem. Really? Sigh, my day cannot get anymore weirder. He wanted us to help him get rid of it, and we agreed too; since there was bounty at the end of the mission. Ryotine and Kim didn’t seem too keen at us demanding for a reward after dispatching the golem. So we proceeded down to the basement, where the owner told us not to touch the stove in the kitchen and the stuff in the living room, and faced the golem. I went ahead first, and the basement was too dark to make anything out. As I went deeper, I saw it, a pretty droking tall golem that smells as good as it looks. Heh, thanks for the meal.


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