Oh Gods the smell of this beast is just irresistible. I mean, tomato and meat, that’s lunch if you ask me. I guess the smell oozing from the monster was a tad overwhelming though, because I missed practically every shot I took. Irgar was pretty darn good, he did the majority of the damage on that walking lump of delicious goodness. Kim was a good cannon fodder too; he distracted the beast enough so that we can land blows on him, though like I’ve said, I missed quite a lot. Ryotine was no help at all after the golem exhaled some sort of sickening odor from his mouth, but her dog, Drake, was surprisingly useful. Drake attacked the golem and injured it so much to the point it started gushing out hot, but delicious, juice all over me, Kim, and himself. Though, guess he wasn’t smart enough to back off when he got bashed by the golem the first few times; he ended up being unconscious. Rohan, being his usual introvert self, stayed behind, but at one point he just ran practically in front of the golem just so he could heal Quanta, that’s dedication from our cleric, I’ll tell you that. Speaking of Quanta, as usual, he tried to help but failed to no avail. He casted a “sleep” spell on a magical constructed being, in hindsight he should’ve understood the implications. I just buried my face in my palms.

After taking down what seemed to be the hardest lunch I ever had to hunt (at least, as far as I could remember), me, Ryotine, and… hmm… who was the other guy… Pah! No point remembering who ate what. Oh, anyways, we just chowed down on the remains of the golem. Quanta tried to check the meat for poison, AFTER we consumed them. He came to the conclusion it wasn’t poisonous. Gee, thank you Mr. Obvious, I wonder what would happen to us if we hadn’t known that.

As we finished the last of the meal, the owner of the house came down and looked at us with a puzzled look on his face; Must be wondering why we were consuming the remains of the golem. He thanked us for helping out and asked us to wait at the living room while he cleaned the mess. I tried inquiring as to why he and his wife decided to conjure up such a dangerous being, and he just shrugged and told me that they did it because they could. Brilliance.

As we entered the living room, everybody except me and Irgar went to sleep. Gods, they just woke up a few hours ago. As I tried to relax while the man is cleaning up downstairs, I noticed footsteps approaching the front lawn of the house, so I went out to check. It was decently looking woman considering her age, and she was wielding a staff. He asked me who I was, and what I was doing in her house. I explained the situation to her; everything, up till the point we killed the golem. She seemed suspicious at first, because I didn’t know her husband’s name. I cringed at my stupidity and failure at basic social conduct and noted to myself to be a tad formal next time. She also seemed terrified when she finally noticed the corpse of the disgusting dead fat guy on her lawn and asked me what happened. Again, I tried explaining to her and she seemed confused as to what is happening and muttered something about “devils”.

I can tell Irgar was eavesdropping on our entire conversation, guess the rogue isn’t as stealthy as he think he is, heh. I found out that her name is Andolyn and her husband’s is Gendrew. As we came to an agreement and she gave us a chest filled with potions, we sat down for dinner and Irgar joined us. During the course of the meal, I managed to find out that we are in a continent called Calorhn, and that Jolton was practically at our doorstep and that it has been suffering from a barbarian problem for quite awhile now. We also got our bearings sorted out, we know for sure that due east is a mountainous region called the Dragon’s Teeth, suggestive name. Due west lies a vast desert known only as the Ark Dunes; could be where the beautiful red-haired mage said her order was located. I also explained our current predicament which involves us having no prior memory to what happened before the crater explosion.

As we finished dinner, the rest of the party woke up, and like a pack of wild dogs they went for the leftovers. Ah well. I asked Andolyn whether we could stay the night, considering our condition. She agreed, though quite reluctantly, and we finally got some shut eye, well, me at least.

After a good night’s rest, we thanked Andolyn and Gendrew for their hospitality and proceed towards Jolton. As we entered what seemed to be the outskirts of a town, we heard screaming coming from the general vicinity of where Jolton was supposed to be, well, it was actually Ryotine who heard it. We hasten our speed and went towards the direction of the sound being led by Ryotine. We then saw a wooden bastion under siege by the same type of creatures that attacked us in the forest, only this time they brought an army. We could clearly see the creatures were engaged in combat with humans, presumably from the town. Without hesitating, Irgar lashed out his crossbow and attacked one of those creatures who had their back turned to us. He missed. I tried rectifying his mistakes, but I too missed. I was pissed enough at it was, so I cursed Shevaresh under my breath and I heard a thunder crack somewhere in the distance. I’m sorry Shevaresh, it was an impulse statement. The battle ensued for quite awhile, with the highlight probably being Ryotine entangling herself along with some of those creatures and the fact that our wizard is more proficient in a crossbow than he is with his spells.

I tried reasoning with those creatures by forcing them to surrender in exchange for their lives, but they wanted a massacre, so a massacre I gave them. A guard approached us saying that he needed help to close the door, and as I gave orders to my party members, me and Quanta approached the right mechanism room and found two of those creatures obviously meddling with the gate mechanism. Quanta cast a sleep spell on both of them while avoiding me, and I decided that warrant a wide grin from me. Before I finished them off, I muttered “May Shevaresh show you the mercy I couldn’t” and proceeded to end their lives. Thanks to Irgar and Rohan who was occupying the other side of the gate, we freed a loose stone wedging the gate mechanism, and the remainders of the attackers fled.

One of the guards approached us and thanked us for our help, I assumed he is a captain or leader of some sorts. Based on what I understood from the Guard’s Captain, these creatures also known as Kobolds might be the barbarians that Andolyn talked about over dinner last night. Speaking of Andolyn, apparently she is one of the strongest mage in the region! How about that? We then proceeded to enter into Jolton. We could see turned tables and broken pots and glasses all over, obviously the chaos stopped whatever it is the villagers were doing.

We were quite weary after the battle and from our travels, so we decided to stop at the nearest inn first. “Inn Of The Rose”, quaint name. We set up our lodgings and then proceeded to the town hall. In front of the hall, we saw 3 circular rings stuck in the ground, and electric bolts were jumping from one to another occasionally. Wow, that’s impressive. Moving along, we found a painting of a man in the town hall; pretty darn huge, though it was all smudgy. Abstract painting perhaps? The man in the painting looks like the mayor of the town, and there’s a “R” initial written on the plaque, along with a poem:

A dragon on his skin, and always dragons on his mind.

Left with travellers one day and disappeared forever.

“A mistake we made, with evil we aligned.”

Thus said, he set out to right both our wrongs.

That was a bit… vague, but no matter. Though, come to think of it, the man in the painting looked surprisingly similar to Rohan. Just as I thought that, Rohan seemed to be in a daze for a minute, then he lift up his sleeve and we saw a dragon tattoo on his arm. Wow, “Dragon on his skin”, what are the odds? He then just walked out of the hall, almost seemed traumatized, huh, wonder what’s up with him?


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