So, we finally met the mayor; a halfling that goes by the name of Elyl Shona, despite her age she seems very well endowed, figures, considering her position. We even managed to uncover detailed information regarding the kobold attack. Ekam, the guard captain, mentioned that he suspects somebody is trying to insinuate a war between the people of Jolton and the barbarians up north, who they are trying to form an alliance with. From what what I understand, the attack at the gates was no accident. Ekam mentioned that prior to the attack, the guards manning the gates was killed, and the murder weapon was that of a dagger, and kobolds don’t usually use daggers. Not to mention, the guards were stabbed on the back, literally. And all of this occurred during the harvest festival too, talk about timing.

With all of that said, Elyl asked us for our help in gathering information and solving this issue. We agreed, quite willingly if I might add. Then we met another female monk by the name of Sister Serka, and she was fine looking. I wouldn’t mind her replacing Kim Lau and showing some of her moves to me, heh. Apparently Serka and her order are here to mediate the entire conflict between Jolton and the barbarians since they have a strong political background with the barbarians, if you can even call what they have “political”, pfft.

After a lengthy talk, we set off to explore the town and gather whatever information we could. We split up, with the bulk of the party going to the armory and selling off our loot. The owner was a cheerful and cheeky dwarf called Flint, and we sold our loot for a considerable amount of gold.

Soon after, we split up again, with me and Irgar checking out the town square. Looks like the harvest festival is back in full swing. I checked out the wares the town had to offer then I saw Irgar with a confused look on his face. I approached him and asked what was wrong, and he looked at me and nervously chuckled “I lost my dagger”. Well, that was brilliant, let’s go over the tavern and grab a cold one then eh? WHAT. We frantically searched around for anybody that might have taken the dagger, but to no avail as evening dawns and the mayor gave the opening speech for the harvest festival. However, during the speech, we spotted a suspicious looking character who went towards the direction of the town’s well. Irgar followed the person and caught a glimpse of him/her placing some sort of concoction into the well. As we gave chase, Irgar asked Quanta to check the well, along with Irgar. We missed the assailant, whoever he might be, and stumbled upon the group of monks from Sister Serka’s order. We asked them about the assailant, but they denied having even seen anybody at all aside ourselves.

We continued on until we reached a seemingly ominous house, and we reckon the culprit is in there. I drew my bow and barged into the house. To our horror, we saw a body bathed in a pool of crimson blood, illuminated by moonlight. Cliche. I sweep the area clean as Ryotine checked the body and turned it over since it was faced down to begin with. Not long after, the guards arrived along with Quanta and Irgar. Ekam approached the body and mentioned that the body belongs to the alliance negotiator representing the barbarians side. And worst of all, the dagger sticking out of her has a blue gem at it’s hilt, exactly like Irgar’s. Oh boy. To top it all off, the leader of the barbarians, Sollek, was at the scene, and he raged at the sight of the dead body.

He demanded justice and cause quite a commotion, rowdy barbarians, typical of them. And perhaps the only time Kim Lau ever said anything during the entire journey, he said “calm your tits” to Sollek. What does that even mean??? But before I could finish my thought, Sollek wielded his greataxe and slashed Kim’s chest; it looked pretty damn painful.

I tried stopping the fight, and to avoid anymore bloodshed, we allowed ourselves to be arrested and put on trial, despite us knowing damn well we had nothing to do with the death of the negotiator.

In the prison cell, we talked at great length about our current predicament, until Ekam came along with a priestess, whose eyes glowed blue as she looked at us from outside the jail cell and she said “yup, they don’t seem evil”. Ekam then proceeded to interrogate us. Despite efforts to clear our name, it looks like we might not be able to get out of this unscathed.

Further into the night, we woke up to a whisper from outside our cell. It was the priestess, who goes by the name of Jinna. She said she believe we are innocent, and offered to help us escape. She unlocked our cell using a key she stole from a sleeping guard and Quanta, being quick-witted enough despite his age, corroded the lock so that it seemed like we broke out of there. We thanked Jinna after she asked us to clear our names as soon as we are safe.

Before we leave, we decided to cause a commotion to delay any would be pursuers. we then rushed to the gate, and took out the guards using Quanta’s sleep spell, which seemed to work perfectly. Guess he’s getting even more useful as time goes on, heh. Ryotine and Irgar jumped down from the battlement, whereas the rest us decided to ignore that plan and just open the gate. A moment later we were outside the walls of Jolton. Ironic, we came as adventures, and left as fugitives. I wonder if we will ever come back?

Regardless, whoever did this, I’ll make sure they pay for crossing us.


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