Faeron Von Holtzmann

Age: 21

Race: Half-elf

Class: Ranger

Gender: Male

Height/Weight: 5’9”/103lb

Physical appearance: Blue eyes, blonde hair, fair skinned, well-endowed

Alignment: NN

DOB: 9th of Vera, 5291

House Symbol: The Star of Valkyria

House Banner: An elk with an orb at it’s forehead

Banner Meaning: The elk represents wisdom, affinity to nature and longevity. The orb is the Star of Valkyria; represents self-sacrifice, stability, and hope.

The Fallen Star


Born into nobility to House Holtzmann; a rich aristocratic family from a city called Osgliard.

Father is Lord Eric Von Holtzmann; came from a line of excellent marksman and rangers, but struck gold when his share of his adventure loot turned out to be worth tens of thousands of platinum coins. Retired from being a treasure hunter and used his newly found wealth to buy his way into nobility.

Mother is Lady Araniel Cromvaul; a beautiful pure elven bred and decided to live the city life at the age of 120. Fell in love with Eric and ended up being married into nobility. Adept in sorcery, but she abandoned it in pursuit of life in the city.

Sister is Miriel Von Holtzmann; 6 years older than faeron and is extremely particular with manners and etiquettes. She also loves animals and nature, rubbing off some of her influence to Faeron, and she has a obsessive compulsive disorder. Gave Faeron his nickname, “Fae (pronounced Fey)”.

Been trained by his father in the art of the bow since he was young; but due to young age was still ignorant and due to status, arrogant towards his father’s teachings. whenever possible, his father would bring him hunting at the woods nearby

At the age of 9, parents were assassinated and House Holtzmann fell apart. The story isn’t clear, but rumour has it that Eric’s previous party members killed him for his loot and wealth, some say it was retribution, that Eric abused his talents as a ranger to grab the best loot for himself.

Was forced to live in poverty until the age of 11, when his uncle came in search of Faeron after receiving a distress telepathic message from Araniel. Due to the sheer size of Osgliard, it took Faeron’s uncle a long time to finally get a hold of him, and brought him back to the elvish forest where the Cromvauls resided. Prior to that, due to the 2 years of poverty, Faeron developed a wide array of skills from communication to survival skills; making him very adaptable and experienced.

After being taken in by his mothers’ family, Faeron decided to perfect his skill as a hunter and spends most of his teenage life devoted to excel in becoming the best ranger in the land. He trains under his uncle, a formidable and wise ranger due to his age. Living life in the elvish forest, Faeron expanded  his repertoire by taking up cooking; sampling all the forest has to offer and experimenting with new and exotic dishes from time to time.

Personality and Traits

Generally friendly, talkative, and quick witted considering he was forced to learn, and learn fast, in order to survive when he lost everything. Known as “The Joker” or simply “Joker” amongst the people of Osgliard after the fall of House Holtzmann. Resorts to humour to cover his traumatizing past; both mother and sister was raped in front of his eyes and was forced to see his father brutally murdered. He was lucky enough to run away after a quarrel broke out between the thieves, and from there learned the name of his prey; Gor’Hark, Klepto and the leader who killed his father, Veera. Till this day, Faeron is still looking for the dark skinned drows that robbed him of his life, and quench his violent thirst for vengeance. He worships Shevarash due to Shevarash’s own hatred of the drow, and uses that as a way to justify his quest for vengeance. Despite his cheerful exterior, deep down he is torn apart between retaining his sense of self and satisfying his insatiable lust for revenge and can be blinded from reasoning by his vendetta. The only thing that is keeping his sanity together is the star pendant his sister gave to him during his 7th birthday.

Humble and caring; although being born into nobility does leave a trace of snobbish and arrogant attitude into him. Generally displease with people who fail to follow basic social conducts, such as the rowdy dwarves.

Strives very much to become like his father; a great treasure hunter and ranger; thus being greedy at times and ambitious. Naturally a nature lover; knows the terrain very well and blend in very easily to escape hostile eyes.

Very open-minded considering he was exposed to multitudes of cultures and races; he doesn’t mind homo-sexuality and other things that society might find unorthodox; though he loves to crack jokes about them.

He loves to flirt with all women, regardless of age or race. Has a sister complex; prefers women older than him and also women who exhibits his sister’s trait.

Afraid of snakes, or anything that is thin and slimy in general.

Low alcohol tolerance. Staying in the elven forest isolated him from all the booze that men his age are drinking. Will be bitter and basically his dark side will surface.

Can be quite cynical and quite sarcastic, but doesn’t really show it. Effect amplifies when intoxicated with booze.

Responds violently to those other than his sister who calls him “Fae”. Prefers to be called by his name or “Joker”.

Speaks in a light Scottish/Irish-esque accent (picked up from his uncle), mixed with the Common tongue.


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